Welcome to Tatiana Smirnova's Mosaic Studio.

It is known more then six thousand years of mosaic history; first mosaic ornaments, images of animals and plants were composed with burned crocks or different colored pebbles. During the time the art of mosaic evolve greatly, pictures were created of tiny pieces of special glass - a smalt, which allowed attaining perfection and realism in pictures.

Our Studio specializes in composing pictures, panels, wall and floor mosaic of smalt, pebbles and stone pieces. Mosaic pictures could import unique feature into any apartment, making its atmosphere antique and elegance. A portrait, implemented in mosaic technique with smalt or precious stones could became an extraordinary present.

At our Gallery you may find mosaic reproductions of Renaissance Italian painters, unusual interpretations of modern pictures and photos, and features by author's sketches. Each mosaic picture is individual and has its own story that is why we propose not only ready-made pictures of our collection, but working out of comprehensive Interior solutions.

Organoleptic and dampproof behavior of smalt allow using it with great success in kitchen, dining room, bathroom design, forming pools and fountains. The mosaic ornaments would prettify a special fascination to little inside yard or facade of village house.

You are welcome to visit our Studio or Exhibitions for further information.